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22 Year Old Feral Negro Melvin Tre Shawn Stigger arrested for attack on elderly WHITE man; 70-year-old left with 9 broken bones

Time for a good old fashioned lynching and BBQ!

MESA, AZ - A Mesa man suffered a severe beating after he tried to give insurance information to another man after a collision.
Court records show that 22-year-old Melvin Tre Shawn Stigger has been arrested for beating a 70-year-old man after a traffic collision.
Mesa Police report that the victim side swiped the suspect's parked car near Mesa drive and 8th street. Stigger reportedly came out of the car as the victim approached.
The victim was trying to give Stigger his insurance information but Stigger just started yelling, "You pay me, you pay me now."
Stigger then allegedly began punching the victim and after he fell to the ground, Stigger kicked him in the head and body.
Police say the man suffered a broken collar bone, eight broken ribs and a punctured lung.
Witnesses pulled Stigger off the man and stopped the attack.
Stigger then reportedly left in another car, while yelling out the window that he "was going to return and 'spray everyone.'"
Police traced the license plate and found Stigger on June 22 when he was arrested by the Mesa Violent Offender Unit.
He has been charged with aggravated assault.

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