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Hasta La Vista T'kilas: Sotolero Coming Soon

Mexican restaurant changing names...again

T'kilas tacos & more has closed and will be reopening early next year with a new name and a new menu.  The restaurant, located at the corner of North Decatur and Clairmont Roads in the Emory Walk shopping center, changed its name from Los Loros to T'kilas in late 2014.  The restaurant was reportedly sold to the owners of Mezcalito's a few months ago, but they continued to operate it as T'kilas until December 11th.  

A sign posted on the restaurant's door indicates the new name will be "Sotolero [Grill], comida mexicana" and that it will reopen in "4-6 weeks."

Although the association is not made on the signage, a brief internet search shows Neil Mejia is owner/partner of both Mezcalito's Cocina and Tequila Bar as well as Solotero Grill. 
Interestingly, a Yelp review from November 23rd indicates that the restaurant was already using the Sotolero name at that point.   The same reviewer (who has left  only one review on the platform) also states: "They are charging liquor tax, not honoring signage for lunch, and confrontational. Service is slooooooooooow."

Mezcalito's has locations in Oakhurst (opened in 2006) and Grant Park (2013) and is described by Mejia as  "one of the few good, traditional, regional Mexican places in Atlanta. Crisp ingredients, fresh homemade drinks and a well-established tequila bar."

Are you excited to hear the owners of Mezcalito's are involved in Sotolero?  Did you prefer Los Loros or T'kilas? In your opinion, who in Atlanta offers the best casual Mexican fare?

Please share your thoughts below.  

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